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Posted on : March 29th, 2010

Hi guys! I found new xmas babe! This is busty Silvia Loret!

Watch all her sexy uniform!

“I like to celebrate Xmas with sexy uniform, hoping Santa will bring me something good, I have been a nice girl!”

Posted on : January 24th, 2010

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One of my many admirers bought me this sexy little green outfit for Xmas and made me promise i’d make a few naughty photo of me being a wench in it. Happily i obliged as i love teasing my fans, so here they are. Putting up was Xmas Tree was so much fun when i was wearing this naughty little outfit, i got really festive when i started putting up the mistletoe also and my mind began to wonder.

I started having some nasty day dreams of a very muscular Santa coming down my chimney and fucking my wet lips senseless for Xmas. I’ve been a very good girl this year so i definately deserve a present and all i want, Santa, is a big and hard member to suck and fuck all night. I’ll even wrap it with a little bow and then pull it off with my teeth and as i gobble down on it like a christmas turkey! Happy Holidays boys! x

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Posted on : January 20th, 2010

Simply put, holiday shopping can drive a person insane. My wife and I had just concluded a day at the mall. We were stressed and in need of unwinding. Driving down the road we passed an all too familiar establishment, the Platinum Horse. It was an upscale gentleman’s club, known for its fine dining, spirits and of course a female revue that was its hallmark. We entered the establishment, found ourselves a table in a secluded corner, ordered our drinks and began taking in the sites. Several young scantly clad ladies paraded around the tables entertaining patrons. Surveying the establishment I soon realized that my wife was the only female patron in attendance. Several customers eyed her curiously, as if the had never seen a woman enter a strip club that was not employed there.

Across the floor we spied a dancer dressed in a revealing Santa outfit. She was a cut above the rest. Classy and elegant, she looked innocent yet had a glare in her eye that told a different story. Adorning her long highlighted locks was a Santa hat. A matching top and panties graced her curves with a pair of stockings. White leather boots and white garland trim completed the ensemble, as she made her way to the center stage. Her musical score began; ‘Santa Baby’ began to echo through the club as she sashayed to the brass pole.

I discreetly looked at my wife, who was intently watching every move Santa’s little helper made. Her eyes followed with the instinct of a predator watching its prey, every move, every touch my wife followed she danced. I knew the look my sexy bride had in her eyes. I had seen it all too often. I discreetly made my way to the side of the stage; fumbling through my pockets I produced a stipend for a moment of her time. She saw me approach and turned so her back was to me. Her arms moved to her front as she unclasped her top. In one seductive move she cast it aside and turned toward me.
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Posted on : December 23rd, 2009

Today I have a special hot Xmas gift to give you!

Shione, with her big tits, and beautiful body wrapped in a sexy lingerie outfit just perfect for unwrapping.
This busty brunette is definitely the stuff of pinup stars of the past. She slowly unwraps her gorgeous body and lets her big tits fall out for all to see.
Those big tits look perfect, and they would be the nice gift on their own, but she takes out a blue toy and shoves it in and out of her smooth pussy until she cums hard.

Happy Xmas from everyone here at!

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Posted on : December 15th, 2009

Little teen Berta knows how to party and Xmas is the perfect excuse. But when Santa whips out a very special present for her its time to switch from drinking champagne to slurping sperm! Old Santa knows how to fuck the Xmas holiday cheer right into this tight teen pussy. Horny Santa banging her in several different positions.
Santa from wishes you a happy Xmas party!!

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Posted on : December 3rd, 2009

Santa Claus Is Coming

Santa Claus Is Coming and he is a horny little fucker! He comes walking in the door with his big red suit and thinks he’s scored big when he sees two hot babes clad in sexy lingerie. But he is in for a great surprise! See as Santa becomes Carmen Rivera’s new slave! There is face sitting, spanking, gags, and hand jobs galore in this amazing seasonal flick! Merry Xmas!

Stars: Carmen Rivera, Lady Joanne
Running Time: 00:21:27

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Posted on : November 28th, 2009

Asian xmas babe

Tell you a little secret .. I am a big fan of asian babes 🙂
Petite asian girls look so innocent. And this sexy Xmas uniforms makes them look like cute dolls!
I want to play with her in lewd games! And you?

Posted on : November 27th, 2009

Hi guy, you’ve already decided with who you’re going to spend this Xmas? And these busty babes have already decided!
Three sexy babes Mindy, Savannah and Rachel are spending Xmas Eve together. They know they’ve been naughty all year and that Santa will not reward him with what they really want: A BIG FAT COCK to suck and fuck!!! They scheme to not only trap Santa, but his little helper James as well who happens to be his Big … visit Xmas gallery >>

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Posted on : October 10th, 2008

Hi guys, I’m glad to see you again in my blog, dedicated to Xmas Sexy Babes!
Meet Bruce Bond! Bruce Bond is perverted Santa today!
His gifts are lash and hand-cuffs.
These sex toys are better presents at Xmas!
Merry Xmas from Brus Bond!

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